About Passage to India Ormskirk

Passage to India have been serving Ormskirk with the finest Indian cuisine for the past 25 years.

Famous for its numerous awards and critical acclaim, this unassuming family-run Indian restaurant is located on Moor St. As a local Restaurant, Passage to India has been serving up unforgettable curries since the 80s and the restaurant attracts a loyal crowd of locals and serious Indian food enthusiasts.

Inside the restaurant, Dining room is an elegant and modern space, making it a suitable spot for business dining, family nights out and get-togethers with friends. The menu here lists over 100 dishes to chose from, and the super friendly staff are more than happy to help you to navigate its vast collection of traditional and family recipes. A trusted local gem, Passage to India is a delightful dining destination that manages to pull together flawless service with fantastic food and a fun atmosphere.

Unique Indian Restaurant

Passage to India is a unique Indian Restaurant that specialises in cooking authentic Indian cuisine using ancient Indian recipes, prepared fresh every day, using prime locally sourced produce – all to create the finest Indian dishes.

Freshly cooked to order ensuring the finest quality Indian food. Unlike most Indian restaurants in the UK, the dishes and breads are cooked using a special charcoal burning clay Tandoor oven. This imparts a unique taste and flavour, whilst ensuring the food remains succulent and tender.